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Frequently Asked Questions

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A brief but informative section regarding our service

What does your website offer?

As previously mentioned, we list the names of notorious, undocumented laborers that flee from work in the Maldives as a means of discouraging potential future employers from providing them with work.

Who is this website for?

Employers and the government based in the Maldives. Anyone with authority within their business that is running a background check on a potential laborer.

Can anyone contribute to the website?

Anyone with an email address can register to our website and in turn submit information regarding a worker who has flown their place of work. Registration is required as we need to keep a record of who submitted each entry to the website.

Does it cost money to engage with your website?

Our website is completely free to visit and use. We exist and operate to benefit the Maldives and the people who are located there.Maldives Manhunt will never be a paid service.

How does your website benefit the Maldives?

As outlined above, many businesses are suffering from individuals fleeing from their place of work. These businesses have contracts and agreements to maintain and are being penalized for having non-loyal workers. We strive to change this, we benefit the people of the Maldives by making the individuals responsible, visible to the public eye.

Who Is responsible for the information that has been uploaded?

Although we host the relevant information, our website is for the general public and as a result the individual or employer that is sharing the information regarding a fleeing laborer, automatically assumes responsibility by default whenever they upload information to our service. We keep a record of who shares what information on our website.

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