About Us

Manhunt Maldives is a unique project setup with the goal of addressing the crisis in Maldives whereby individuals become notorious for fleeing work. This has become a big issue in the Maldives that we strive to reduce, by creating a shared space for current employers to list these infamous workers, but also for future employers to reference when conducting a background check on their potential workers.

Our Goal

Our main goal is that we provides information on the individuals fleeing from work publicly and aims to not only dissuade people from taking up work illegally but also discourage employers from taking on illegal workers.

We realize this is a huge undertaking, which is why this has become a community project in part, as we manage contributions from businesses all over the Maldives. Our website is free to sign up to as well as contribute to, as our aim is to encourage all to participate in creating a better workplace for those in the Maldives. We expect the service to grow to a large scale, allowing not only employers but also embassies and the government to be a part of the project, emphasizing the credibility of our mission.

Whilst we rely and thrive off of the contributions of those involved in these unfortunate circumstances, the site is independently operated. Although registration is free and anyone can contribute, we verify and validate each contribution before making the entry public. Our mission is unique in that we are the only service of our kind in the Maldives and (as far as we are aware) in the world!

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